History Services
As an academic, I know the ins and outs of historical research. I provide my services for family and local research, term papers and assignments, and primary documents. If you’ve discovered something of interest at an estate sale, or in your family’s attic, I’m your girl for discovering the who, what, when, where, and why! I also provide oral history recording and transcription services. Let me manage your historical project.
Archival Services
I work with clients to provide best practices for the preservation and conservation of important documents. No project is too small, whether it be precious family heirlooms and photographs, or corporate documents. I work with all types of collections, from digital to analog, to video and audio.
History is my bailiwick, and history entertainment is even more up my alley. I have provided history consultant services for a variety of persons and institutions. Hire me for TV and film productions, re-enactments, and more!
As a published author and academic, I can help you take your writing from idea to completion, and from completion to the process of creating a submissions package for agents and editors. Or even the process of self-publishing your work for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc. I have extensive connections with the traditional publishing industry, forged over years of writing and attending conferences. I also provide editorial services for family histories and local research projects, where I can edit, proofread, and provide extra research if necessary.
Digital Branding
A strong digital footprint is a must in the 21st century, whether you be an academic, an author, or entrepreneur. Use my ten years of experience in branding, social media, graphic design, and market analysis to create an unforgettable online profile that sticks.
Career & Educational Coaching
The 2008 Great Recession changed the market as we know it, thus forcing my fellow millennials to sink or swim in this new economic reality. Let me help you swim, based on my experience in the traditional job market and the academic world. I provide resume and cover letter editing, interview skills, how to navigate your educational career to get the jobs you want, and basic encouragement for achieving your visions.
Why Plum Bun Media?
I have spent the past ten years building a digital and creative and academic profile for myself and now want to give back–particularly to those with a strong vision and desire to succeed, but struggle with how to get going in the right direction. I have a particular passion for providing historical services to underserved communities, whose story deserves to be put back into the narrative of this country’s past.